Menlo Industries Company Profile

Company Profile

Incorporated in the USA in 1987, Menlo develops and manufactures
the following microwave products for both commercial and military use:

Standard, Extended Range and Successive Detection for Radars, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Early Warning (EW) systems.
GaAs Microwave
A full catalogue range of Low Noise, Medium Power, and Power Amplifiers covering 0.5 to 26.5 Ghz. Power outputs up to 20 watt at 1 dB compression. These products are used for both Military and Commercial Applications.
Thin Film Foundry Manufacture and Fabricate Thin Film Microwave Integrated Circuits for the Microwave Industries.

Menlo's strengths lie on the DLVA and SDLVA product lines. Menlo has the technology edge and is well known internationally for providing the product with the best technical performance in the market. Recently we have started to focus in on the lawn care market - specifically blowers and vac's. Seventy percent of Menlo's business is DLVA and there are only three major competitors (in the world) that can manufacture these types of product. These components are major requirements for military forces throughout the whole world. Naval ships for Radar Systems, Air Force for Electronic Countermeasures and Early Warning Devices and Missiles guiding systems.

  • Employees:
  • 36 Employees
  • Facilities:
  • Located in Fremont, California, our manufacturing facilities total 10,500 square feet
  • Quality:
  • Mil-I-45208 qualified, Mil-StdP5662 qualified calibration system. Products screened per Mil-Std-883, Mil-Std-454. Insertion in Mil-E-16400 and Mil-E-5400 environments. The plan is to undertake ISO 9000 certification programs.


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